Realign EP

by Bastion

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released September 15, 2015


Byron Biroli: Vocals, Guitar
Priscilla Andershon: Vocals
Benjamin Burrell: Keyboards
Riccardo Albini Trissino Dabire: Bass
George Bird: Drums

Music by: Bastion
Lyrics by: Byron Biroli - Priscilla Andersohn where noted
Produced by: Geroge Bird (Realign, Bastion) – Davide Salvietti (Suga, Have No Fear)
Mixed by: George Bird (Realign, Bastion) – Davide Salvietti (Suga, Have No Fear)
Mastered by: George Bird, Suga mastered at Metropolis Studio



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Track Name: Realign
Will you tell me the lines of your story
Where you decide a new reality
Life throws at you many a choice to make
No need to rush, take in a breath for your sake (eeehhhayaaee, ayayyeah)

The words you speak tell of a world so true
A book in many eyes of starry skies so blue
I though I could never read but lettered I am found
Moved are my feet placed firmly on the ground

Sow the seeds, of our love x 4

You know its time to take your place
Don't you even worry where we're going to
You'll find your own way home,
Your sense is guiding you to reason
Just read between the lines
And tell the tale that life has shown to you...
Make your move
You'll find you know it's here
And now it's time to REALISE

Don't you know its time
Cuz there's a million and one choices we can make and it is never too late
Our lives become that of choices we've made
And there's a million and one choices we can make and it is never too late

Sow the seeds of our love x 4

Nde nde nde nde ae oh x 4


Undoubtable, irresistible, you sense is guiding you to reason!
Track Name: Suga
No tears but you were soaked how could I...leave you alone
You're strong like the wind so I get're look strikes me down
Left you in the dance, alone you jived, black boys surround.
But my hearts is so hard like your boots...stompin' the ground

But it's

(Male)Never gonna get any better so what's the point in all this stress and tears
We're just running up a brick wall here
Might as well cut the threads cuz, this could go on for years

(Female) Won't hold you back so i think I'll say goodbye,
Can't see your point and there's no point if you won't try
Not fond of begging so I think I'll make it clear

(Unison) It's a little air tight locked inside with you in here (with you)

You're suga don't taste so sweet tonight must be something on my mind
The grass is always greener on the other side
So why am I hopless without you
I love it when you hold me tight...makes me forget there's something on my mind
Twist and pull but I won't drown tonight
Think I've got to get my head right


You can't save me from myself, I think I've fallen in too deep
Tumbleweed yet theses roots grow so deep
I still get butterflies when I think about you
Got your own back remember that night
You were drunk you were spoiling for a fight
Kicked and screamed till you could not speak
Then we made the best love we had had in weeks
Track Name: Bastion
I just want you to be my bastion
Hold the walls up to this castle that we've found
On top of the turrets there you are standing proud
We built these walls to protect you

I just need you, to take a second look
The fire the rage that's outside cannot bring us down
There's no commander here just a band of clowns
Behind these walls to protect you from yourself

Can you see the water clear
Sun turns blue the earth starts to sear
The warring angel has his victory
From the shadows revealed the mystery
Suddenly the people awake
Sunlit skies there thoughts do make
13 trumpets sound a symphony
Cast a spell on the tides of his...story (yeah)

Even the rain must stop it can't fall forever
But this fortress will last a thousand years
Listen now the town crier will deliver
His message loud and clear
Our dreams cannot be broken in here x 4
Track Name: Have No Fear
Have No Fear
Gotto get up the sun’s shinin’
But it’s so hard sometimes when you feel the clouds are comin’ in
Gotto get up and start movin’
But it’s so hard when you’re upside down and your feet are stuck on the ceiling
It’ the feelin’ you get don’t forget to…Love
The moment you think you start sinkin’
Can’t loose your mind to the perils of ignoring your instinct
Who’s gonna get the next drink in?
Cuz Boi I need a little something to ease this suffering…
We Just…want to laugh…want to smile

Won’t you…save me…from myself I’m in too deep…No I’m not the one that you think I’m supposed to be…
Have no…fear cuz…in the end we’ll all get by…all I gotta do is love an live for tonight

Vrs 2
Can’t live without the drama…
Seems like everybody at heart needs a little bit of palaver
Anything to make it harder
Beset by fear forget the rules can’t let them become your master
It’s the feelin’ you get don’t forget to…Love
If it’s not this, it’s that or the next thing
From one vice to another one yes I gotta get into something
Who’s gonna get the next drink in
Cuz boi I need a little something to ease this suffering…
We just….